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New!! for Poster Authors!! Specifications for preparing your poster presentation at PG 2000.

  1. There will be two boards allotted for each poster presentation. The usable area of each board is 70cm in width and 100cm in height.

  2. The poster session will take place in the afternoon of Oct. 4 (day two of the conference) for about 90 mins. There will be 16 poster presentations at PG 2000.

  3. There will be a PC and a set of TV/VCR provided for showing a demo or playing a video tape accompanying your poster presentation for discussion purposes. The VCR is capable of playing video tapes in NTSC and PAL. This set of equipment will be shared (time-sharing) by all the presenters.

  4. Please send email to if you have any special requirements on software to be installed on the PC for your demo.

  5. Please note:

The authors of a poster paper would be requested to cover the printing cost of their paper if none of them attend the conference to make the presentation. The registration should be made by August 31, 2000.

Information provided by Bob Werner from IEEE Computer Society.

Please send your paper as a postscript or pdf file via ftp to the following ftp site:

To upload your paper file on the FTP site:

FTP to ""

User: "anonymous"

Password: Use email indentity (email name) as password.

Place files in subdirectory:                     press/incoming/proceedings/pg00

To upload your color images on the FTP site:

FTP to ""

User: "anonymous"

Password: Use email indentity (email name) as password.

Place files in subdirectory: press/incoming/proceedings/pg00_color

When transferring files to the FTP site, if you have a choice between ASCII and binary modes, use binary. Although ASCII mode works well most of the time, binary mode incurs fewer problems.

Please prepare your U.S. Letter-size(8.5" x 11") paper as plain ASCII PostScript only, with NO encoding, condensing, or encapsulation.

Please use TrueType 1 fonts wherever possible. Fonts MUST be from Latin 1 Fontset. Our PostScript printers will not recognize any other fonts. Do not use bitmapped versions of fonts such as Computer Modern if you can avoid it. Guidelines for generating and submitting PostScript files are available on our Internet site at:


Regular Paper page limit and color plate information:

Page limit: 10 pages
Maximum number of extra pages beyond 10: 3 pages
Charge per extra page: US$150

Color plate limit: one color plate (i.e. one page)
Maximum number of extra color plates beyond 1: 1 color plate
Charge per extra color plate: US$500

Note: If all the images provided for a paper cannot be put on one plate, it counts as extra plates for that paper.

Poster Paper page limit and color plate information:

Page limit: 2 pages
Maximum number of extra pages beyond 2: No extra pages allowed.
Charge per extra page: US$150

Color plate limit: 0
Maximum number of extra color plate: 1
Charge per extra color plate: US$500

Note: A poster can have at most one color plate but its author must pay for it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use the paper number assigned to you by the conference when naming and sending your file to the above ftp site, followed by your last name, as for example, the filename for paper PG-001 would be <>

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use any of the Ryumin, Nimbus, or BBB-Gothic fonts in your paper. These fonts must not be used in your text, figures, tables, graphs, etc. We do not have these fonts, and, error messages will result if these fonts are present in your paper. Consequently, your paper will not print. This may cause your paper not to be published if these fonts are used. Thank you.

Fax your signed IEEE Copyright Release form to:

Bob Werner, PG'00, +1-714-761-1784.

The copyright release form is linked, in text or pdf; please use whichever is convenient for you. WE CANNOT PUBLISH YOUR PAPER WITHOUT THIS SIGNED FORM.

There is a set of electronic instructions (ASCII) for formatting your paper. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

If the linked files become unusable during transmission for any reason, you may also access uncustomized copies of them at our FTP site. Available at:

ELECTRONIC ABSTRACT of your paper - Only e-mailed abstracts will be accepted. Send your abstract to: Note: as it takes some time to set up this account, please do not send the abstract before the paper due date. Allow at least 2 weeks after the paper due date to send your abstract.

REPRINTS - Print out the electronic reprint order form and use it if you wish to order reprints.

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Camera-ready copy due
July 20, 2000

Three days of conference
October 3-5, 2000


Copyright Form (PDF)

Copyright Form (ASCII)

Formatting Instructions INSTRUCT.TXT  (ASCII)

Reprint Form (ASCII)

The following files contain the LaTeX macros necessary for you to format your paper based on the instructions/ measurements in the INSTRUCT.TXT attachment in our standard author kit for 8.5 x 11-inch proceedings. 
The files appear in the following order:

latex8.sty -- the style file

latex8.tex -- the main macro set

latex8.bib -- the sample bibliography macros

latex8.bst -- the bibliography main macro set -- this file, when printed out, will give you a sample of how your paper should look when it's finished.

latex8.tar.gz or contain the above 5 files.

Note that both current versions of LaTeX, 2e and 2.09, have the same macros -- refer to the start of the latex8.sty file for the opening 
statement for each. 


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