Research Groups
Data and Software Engineering
�i���� Professor D.W.L. Cheung (Group Leader) �i����
Dr. R.C.K. Cheng
Professor B.C.M. Kao
Professor N. Mamoulis
HCI, Graphics and Computer Vision
�i���� Professor W. Wang (Group Leader)
Dr. K.P. Chan
Dr. J.M. Wang
Dr. L.Y. Wei
  Dr. K.K.Y. Wong
  Professor Y.Z. Yu
Information Security and Forensics
�i���� Dr. K.P. Chow (Group Leader)
Dr. C.F. Chong
Dr. L.C.K. Hui
Dr. K.H. Pun
Systems and Networking
�i���� Professor F.C.M. Lau (Group Leader) �B����
Professor C.L. Wang
Dr. H. Cui
Dr. C.Wu  
Algorithms and Bioinformatics
�i���� Professor F.Y.L. Chin (Group Leader)
Dr. H.T.H. Chan
Dr. Z. Huang
Professor T.W. Lam
  Dr. B. Oliveira  
  Dr. H.F. Ting
  Dr. S.M. Yiu