CS Technical Reports
Report Author(s) Title
TR-2014-09 Silviu Maniu, Reynold Cheng, Pierre Senellart An Indexing Framework for Queries on Probabilistic Graphs (PDF)
TR-2014-08 Yixiang Fang, Reynold Cheng, Wenbin Tang, Silviu Maniu, Xuan Yang Evaluating Nearest-Neighbor Join on Big Trajectory Data (PDF)
TR-2014-07 Lijun Mei, Yan Cai, Changjiang Jia, Bo Jiang, W.K. Chan, Zhenyu Zhang, T.H. Tse A Subsumption Hierarchy of Test Case Prioritization for Composite Services (PDF)
TR-2014-06 Edward Y. Y. Kan, W.K. Chan, T.H. Tse CrowdAdaptor: a CrowdSourcing Approach Toward Adaptive Energy-Efficient Configurations of Virtual Machines Hosting Mobile Applications (PDF)
TR-2014-05 Changjiang Jia, Lijun Mei, W.K. Chan, Y.T. Yu, T.H. Tse Is XML-based Test Case Prioritization for Validating WS-BPEL Evolution Effective in both Average and Adverse Scenarios? (PDF)
TR-2014-04 Lijun Mei, W.K. Chan,
T.H. Tse, Bo Jiang, Ke Zhai
Preemptive Regression Testing of Workflow-based Web Services (PDF)
TR-2014-03 Wai Kit Wong, Ben Kao, David Wai Lok Cheung, Rongbin Li, Siu Ming Yiu Secure Query Processing with Data Interoperability in a Cloud Database Environment (PDF)
TR-2014-02 John Liagouris, Nikos Mamoulis, Panagiotis Bouros, Manolis Terrovitis Efficient Management of Spatial RDF Data (PDF)
TR-2014-01 Huai Wang, W.K. Chan,
T.H. Tse
Improving the Effectiveness of Testing Pervasive Software via Context Diversity (PDF)